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Nanjing Forum

Nanjing Forum

Nanjing Forum is held annually with Nanjing University since 2015. The inaugural Nanjing Forum was held under the theme “Working Together for 21st Century Asia-Pacific Peace, Security and Prosperity”. To reflect the growing significance of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and scientific innovations, the Nanjing Forum since 2017 has incorporated sessions on theories and applications of advanced technologies, the field in which Nanjing University ranks among the top in the world. Science-related topics are discussed in odd-numbered years, while international security and marine order issues are addressed in even-numbered years.

Civilization, Technology and Common Values: The Vision of Asia

Roundtable 1: Literature, Archaeology and Asian Civilization 

Roundtable 2: Cultural and Trade Exchanges in Ancient Asia 

Roundtable 3: Innovative Breakthroughs and Technological Progress in Asia 

Roundtable 4: Asian Cultural Exchanges in the AGe of Artificial Intelligence 

Roundtable 5: Entrepreneurial Spirit and Economic Development in Asia 



[Opening Ceremony]

- ZHAO Yan, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Provincial Government

- WANG Liqing, Chairman of the Party Group of the Nanjing Municipal CPPCC in Jiangsu Province 

- TAN Tienniu, Chair of the University CPC Council, Nanjing University

- CHEY Tae-won, Chairman of SK Group

- CHANG Yunkeum, President of Sookmyung Women's University

- KIM Seong-Kyu, Vice President of Seoul National University 


[Keynote Speech]

- Jeff Hancock, Professor of Stanford University 

- Koichiro Inahata, Honorary Professor of Waseda University 

- LUO Yimin, Former Vice Chairman of CPPCC Jiangsu Provincial Committee

- HAN Dongyu, Vice President of Northeast Normal University 

- ZHANG Bowei, Professor of School of Liberal Arts, Nanjing University 


Dates : 2023.09.16 - 17

Venue : Nanjing University International Conference Center