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Asia Media Forum

Asia Media Forum

Asia Media Research Center is one of the 17 Asia Research Centers (ARCs) supported by Chey Institute for Advanced Studies. The Asia Media Research Center, which was established in 2002, is the only ARC that pursues media research and specializes in cultivating professionals in journalism and broadcasting. The collaboration led to the launching of Asia Media Forum in 2003. The unique platform attracts media experts from Korea, China, Japan, the U.K., Canada, and other countries to share perspectives on opportunities and risks associated with scientific innovation and social media. The Forum is held every other year since 2014.

Media, Arts and Culture
Roundtable Discussion 1: Creative Practices and Theory Around the Globe
Roundtable Discussion 2: Cultural Consumption and Music Industries
Roundtable Discussion 3: Creative Industry and the Creative Class in Asia
Parallel Session : The Development of China’s E-sports Industry and the Talent Cultivation of Digital Media Arts

[Roundtable Discussion 1]
- Keith Negus, University of London
Theme: The Value of Recordings and the Moral Economy of the Music Industries
- Anthony Fung, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Theme: Performance Economy and Cultural Intermediaries in China
- Jeroen de Kloet, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Theme: Promiscuous Creativities-Rethinking Creativity and Originality in a Globalized China

Dates : 2018.06.08 - 09

Venue : 4K Studio, Communication University of China