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Tianjin Forum

Tianjin Forum

The inaugural Tianjin Forum was launched in January 2015 in close partnership with Nankai University under the theme of “Urban Development and Governance.” The launching of the Forum was timely given that China was facing a strategic opportunity for urbanization. The participants engaged in intense debates on the effects of urbanization on China’s economy, social developments, and the environment. They also shared ideas and policy suggestions on how to improve the management of urban development in a globalized world.

China and the World in the New Digital Era

Sub-forum 1: Intelligent Governance in the Digital Era 

Sub-forum 2: The Institutional Innovation of the Digital Governance 

Sub-forum 3: The Financial Support for Global Sustainable Development and Economic Recovery

Sub-forum 4: Transformation of Collaborative Development for Carbon Reduction and Pollution Reduction & Green, Low Carbon and High Quality Development 

Sub-forum 5: Artificial Intelligence and Technological Innovation Paradigm Transformation 

Sub-forum 6: The Security and Common Development in Northeast Asia in the Chaning World 



[Opening Ceremony]

- WANG Xu, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC, Tianjin Municipal Committee

- Hans d'Orville, Former Assistant Director-General for Strategy Planning, UNESCO

- PARK In-kook, President of Chey Institute for Advanced Studies

- YANG Qingshan, Chair of Nankai University Council 


[Keynote Speech]

- Susan Thornton, Senior Fellow at the Paul Tsai China Center at Yale Law School, Former Acting Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs at the Department of State

  Title: US-China Relations and the Future of Our Globalized, Technology-Connected World


- Allen N. Berger, President of the Financial Intermediation Research Society

  Title: Social Trust, Bank Liquidity Creation, and Financial System Architecture 


- Steven Barnett, Chief Representative of the IMF in China

  Title: Global Economic Developments and Prospects


- Wolfram Elsner, Professor of Economics at the University of Bremen in Germany 

  Title: The Complexity of Innovation and How China Handles It 


- LEE Sang Yup, Vice President for Research, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

  Title: Biotechnology for Sustainable Production of Chemicals, Fuels and Materials 


- GUO Huadong, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

  Title: Assessment and Reflection on China's SDG big data in the mid Term of the 2030 Agenda


Dates : 2023.10.19 - 20

Venue : Conrad Hotels & Resorts Tianjin